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Tour to the Danakil

Destination: ErtaAle & Dallol

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Day 1

The tour will start at 9am from Mekelle heading to the North eastern part of Ethiopia, Danakil Depression. After lunch in Kesrawat, we will take 2 other local Militias who will accompany us until we finish our visitation. Then we will continue driving to reach in the bottom of the volcano, we will take some time till the sun goes down. After diner, we start hiking of 9.5km (around 3 hours) to reach on the top of mountain, ErtaAle Volcano.


Day 2

We walk down to the camp at the bottom of the volcano, have breakfast and drive to Hamadella, where we reach in the afternoon. Lunch will be served on the way in a town called Abala. We walk around the Afar village “Hamadella” to see how the people live and survive in the conditions of the desert. We will have time to buy souvenirs, take pictures of the Afar and their village and you´ll see plenty of the camel caravans.


Day 3

After breakfast, we start our journey to visit different places like red lake (Sulphur Lake), the colourful salt lakes and thermo active springs of Dallol, potash, sulphur and other minerals, the wide white salt desert, a cave pure natural designed rocks, Lake Assale and Local Salt mining. After visitation, we drive back to Mekelle, lunch will be on the way.