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Bale mountain Trekking

Destination: Sodota, Adelay, Dinsho

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Day 1

A 4 to 6 hours trek south of Dinsho. View of the Abera waterfall before camping the night at Sodota

Day 2

A 4-5 hour trek to Adelay camping site. Trek takes you past the Gasuaray peak and the Kotera plain where you get the chance to see the endemic Ethiopian wolf. Overnight at Adelay Campsite. (If you are a bird watcher it is the most suitable place.)

Day 3

A 6 to 8 hour trek. You will descend to the flat Gaysay plains. The grass land there offers a good opportunity to enjoy the wildlife there. Enjoy the waterfall there before concluding your tour in Dinsho.