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Simien Mountains Trekking

Detination: Buyit Ras, Sankaber, Geech, Ambaras

Duration: 3 days/2nights

Day 1

Fly from Addis to Gondar & car picks us up from the airport and takes us to Debarek and drops us near Buyit Ras to trek Sankaber through wonderful scenarios of the landscape of the endless mountain ridges, and some Gelada Baboons.

Day 2

In the morning at around 8am we trek to Geech on the way we visit where Jinbar waterfall plunges in to the Abyss. The area is also a great spot to see the Gelada Baboons.

Day 3

We have a magnificent 6 – 7 hours trek to Ambaras in route through Imet Gogo (3,926m) a place where nothing can block us from watching the spectacular views of the landscapes and Valleys. We have our lunch admiring the views then proceed our trekking to Ambaras. Car picks us and drops us in Gondar.